The complexity and unique taste notes of Sparkling Tea, makes it an ideal ingredient for cocktails.

The talented and innovative cocktail creator, Christian Tang, has exploited this quality in our Sparkling Teas, and created 8 different cocktails – of course also using our BLÅ version to make non-alcoholic options.

1. Helena & The Pony

3cl Empirical Spirits, Fallen Pony Blend
1.5cl Empirical Spirits, Helena
1cl Amaro Mondino*
0.5cl Sugar Syrup**
0.5cl Tartaric Acid***
6.5cl-7cl Sparkling Tea VINTER

*Can be bought in specialty stores & Online, or in case of absence use another Italian Bitter.
**Dissolve 1 part sugar by weight with 1 part hot water by weight. Bottle and store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks
***Mix 31grams of Tartaric Acid with 69grams of Hot water, Tartaric acid can be bought in specialty baking stores (Bottle and store for up til 4 weeks), or use 2cl Lemon Juice.

So someone decided to distill kombucha & mix it with a barley distillate. We decided to mix it with Sparkling tea. So tea spirit meets the delicate yet, spicy warm tones of VINTER to create something that can stand it’s test with spicy foods, yet still be drunk on its own as an aperitif.

2. The Apiarist

5cl London Dry Gin
2cl Lemon Juice
1cl Honey Syrup*
Top with Sparkling Tea BLÅ

*Mix 3 parts Honey by weight with 1 part of hot water(Max 60C or 140F) mix until honey is dissolved in to the water. (Bottle and store for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator)

In the 20’s a popular drink called the Bee’s Knee’s surfaced, we like this drink. But we also like to give it a bit more body, what better way to do this, than to mix it with one of our favorites, BLÅ’s meadowsweet chamomile notes, and texture from jasmin creates a, we think, more interesting drink.

3. The Tea Spritzer

5cl Amaro Mondino*
7-10cl Sparkling Tea RØD or GRØN **
Garnish with a long lemon peel or diced kumquats

*Can be bought in specialty stores & Online, or in case of absence use another Italian Bitter.
**Use the RØD Sparkling Tea for something a little more sweet & herbaceous, or opt for the GRØN for something a little more full-bodied and fresh.

When we opened Form we added an Apple’roll Spritz to the menu, to people’s great confusion it did not contain any Aperol, but instead homemade apple liqueur. We carried on this tradition of confusing people with our spritzers. The current confusion is a combination of Amaro Mondino, bitter-sweet aperitif from Bavaria, together with the Sparkling Tea, it creates and totally different and infinitely more interesting spritzer.

4. Gin & Tea

5cl London Dry Gin*
10cl Sparkling Tea GRØN
Garnish with lemon wedges & apple slices

Few years back in Stockholm people got the idea of adding tea bags to their Gin and Tonic, we said, why not actually just add tea to it? We love adding sparkling tea to Gin, it creates a very fresh take on a long-drink. If you prefer it with more bitterness, try adding any kind of bitters, like Angostura.

5. Not Your Garden Variety (non-alcoholic)

5cl Seedlip Garden 108*
2cl Lemon Juice
1cl Clementine Syrup**
Top with Sparkling Tea BLÅ

*Non-alcoholic spirit from the UK, can be bought in specialty stores the world over.
**Dissolve 200g sugar with 200g hot water. Add peel from 4 clementines, leave to infuse for 24 hours, strain & bottle and store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

So these chaps in the UK decided to create non-alcoholic spirits, critics said, as critics often do “Why?” They answered “Well, what are you drinking, when you are not drinking?”
We take Sparkling Tea BLÅ, and pair it with Seedlip Garden & Clementines. Creating something both fresh, aromatic, citrusy & vegetal

6. Batton Rouge Beach Party

3cl Michter’s Bourbon*
2cl Amaro Mondino**
2cl Sweet Vermouth
2-3cl Sparkling Tea RØD

*Can be bought in specialty spirit stores, or then use another high quality bourbon.
**Can be bought in specialty stores & online, or in case of absence use another Italian Bitter.

Like a Negroni Sbagliato, we simply made a Boulevardier instead, and topped it with some bubbles, to both dilute and ease up the booze. As a result, we end up with something like Bourbon and Sweet Tea. Only a little more sophisticated. RØD to add some summer, and Hibiscus is exactly what we needed.

7. The Green Lady (non-alcoholic)

4cl Seedlip Garden 108*
4cl White Grape Fruit Juice
4cl Brewed Sencha Tea**
0.5cl Sugar Syrup***
0.2cl Malic Acid****
2cl Sparkling Tea GRØN

*Non-alcoholic spirit from the UK, can be bought in specialty stores the world over.
**Can be bought in tea stores & supermarkets the world over, follow brewing method listed on the packaging. Quality Sencha recommended.
***Dissolve 1 part sugar with 1 part hot water by weight. Bottle and store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks
****Mix 32grams of Malic Acid with 68grams of Hot water, Malic acid can be bought in specialty baking stores (bottle and store for up to 4 weeks), or use 1cl lemon juice.

Not a white lady, but a Green Lady. Sparkling Tea GRØN for a light mouse, lemongrass aroma and reinforcement of the green tea. Green color because of Sencha Tea together with umami flavours. Grapefruit for aroma and a slight acidity. Finally, paired with Seedlip Garden, for vegetal notes. The mixture creates a drink even safe for pregnancy.

8. The Mallow Family (low-alcoholic)

7cl Sweetened Hibiscus Tea*
2cl Lemon Juice
1cl Egg white**
Top with Sparkling Tea RØD

*Mix 10g of Hibiscus with 200g’s of Hot Water, leave to brew for 5 minutes, then add 66g of sugar to the tea mix until dissolved, bottle and store for up to 2 weeks.
**Not essential for flavour but creates the light fluff on top of the drink.

We love Hibiscus, so it made sense to pair Sparkling Tea RØD with a fermented cold brew hibiscus tea, adding some extra acid and aroma. We end up with a very fancy Gin fizz like cocktail. But again we use moderate amounts of the RØD, thus still being low alcoholic.

9. Tea & Truth

4cl VeritasRum
2,5cl Milky Oolong Cordial
5cl Sparkling Tea VINTER

When the ripe fruits of the Veritasrum are combined with the milky character of the Oolong tea and the warm spices of VINTER, you get exactly that feeling which makes winter so special; the feeling of nearness.

10. Christmas Cobbler

2cl Abricot Brandy
3cl Olorosso Sherry
10cl Sparkling Tea VINTER

You probably connect Sherry to your grandmother, but when the crisp salinity and raisin sweetness is combined with VINTER’s spices, you are left with a quite classy long-drink –fresh, fruity and sober.