Rasmus Palsgård, the man behind the gastronomic website feinschmeckeren.dk, has been a fan of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea since he tasted it for the first time. Like anybody else, he loves a nice drink in the sun. In this post, he shares his thoughts about his most preferred Sparkling Teas for the sunny, warm times of the year – RØD and LYSERØD. 


Spring is finally here and before we know it, summer will be upon us as well. That calls for refreshing and elegant beverages to be enjoyed outside in the sun. Many foreigners have noticed how Danes happily use the outside area of a restaurant, bar or café already in March if there is the tiniest bit of sun – regardless that it is still extremely cold outside. We urge for sunlight after half a year of darkness and now it is finally here.

Like anybody else, I love sitting in the sun enjoying a refreshing beverage. I mean: Who does not enjoy sitting in the sun surrounded by good friends with something refreshing in the glass? Personally, I am looking forward to spending sunny afternoons and evenings along the canals of Copenhagen with good people that I haven’t been able to spend time with during these difficult times. It is finally time to have some fun and that calls for a delicious drink or two.

Light, elegant and refined

I definitely enjoy a good glass of wine at any time but I must admit that every now and then, I prefer something a little bit lighter in alcohol – without the feeling of making a compromise in terms of flavour and deliciousness.

That’s one of the reasons why I’ve become very fond of the Sparkling Teas by Copenhagen Sparkling Tea. Regardless if you go for their low alcohol teas or the entirely non-alcoholic versions, you’re guaranteed a delicious experience. To be completely honest, I got quite sceptic the first time I heard about Jacob Kocemba’s Sparkling Teas. My general knowledge about tea was quite limited and it didn’t really interest me that much. But it only required one glass of his Sparkling Tea to convince me that this new category was facing a bright future – the delicate yet distinct aromas, the gentle mousse and the beautiful balance in the mouth impressed me a lot. Since then, I have had the pleasure of enjoying Copenhagen Sparkling Tea as part of non-alcoholic beverage pairings in high level restaurants and they pair extremely well with food of even the most complex character.

Sunshine calls for rosé

Rosé wine is the preferred beverage among many people during spring and summer. The pink, bright colour of a rosé has become synonymous with good weather and while I do like the colour, I am less of a fan of the wine itself. Too often – in my opinion – a rosé tastes like a wine that could not decide whether it wanted to be a white or a red wine.

That is not the case when I taste Copenhagen Sparkling Tea LYSERØD and RØD, respectively. They both show a bright red colour, with LYSERØD being the lighter, pink kind of red (like the typical Southern French rosé), whereas RØD presents a more intense, strawberry-like colour. But while a rosé wine often lacks “the taste of red”, that is definitely not the case for LYSERØD and RØD. They both offer plenty of red notes in the shape of hibiscus and red berries, which contribute to an even more summer-like feeling.

Both are well suited for the warm seasons with LYSERØD being the perfect aperitif, whereas RØD has the intensity to accompany a wide range of fresh summer dishes, especially based on seafood.

LYSERØD is completely non-alcoholic and thus suited for any occasion, regardless if you are pregnant, driving or just trying to maintain a clear head without missing out on a true tasting experience. It is the driest Sparkling Tea of the range with a sugar content of 20 grams per litre. On the contrary, it has the largest amount of tea per litre in order to ensure the right intensity despite the low sugar content. I enjoy the floral and herbaceous notes from the Darjeeling and Oolong teas, the almost smoky berry character from the hibiscus and the subtle umami character coming from the Japanese tea, which contributes with an almost seaweed kind of aroma and taste. I would compare the sweetness level of this Sparkling Tea to that of an off-dry German Riesling – still on the dry side but with a comforting sweet touch making it perfect for a nice afternoon in the sun – a refined thirst quencher, one could say.

In my eyes, LYSERØD is perfectly suited for all kinds of savoury snacks like salted almonds, bread and butter and – not to forget – oysters. It also pairs nicely with delicate fish courses like cured cod, ceviche or light vegetarian servings as well as salads.


RØD is the perfect companion for a great afternoon in the sun. With an alcohol content of five percent, it only contains two units per bottle making it the obvious choice for those who want to stay fresh and clear during the day – or if you’re driving home and want to make sure that you can have a glass or two throughout the evening without worrying about being able to drive home.

From a sensory perspective, it is a very interesting product offering an intense aroma of fresh red berries combined with pronounced and playful notes of hibiscus. The bitterness from the lady grey and earl grey teas add a hint of tannin that gives the Sparkling Tea a wine-like mouth feel. On the palate, the hibiscus once again plays an important role adding bright acidity as well as red berry notes to the complex yet easy-drinking tea. With a sugar content of 30 grams per litre it is slightly sweeter than LYSERØD. Therefore, it is a perfect match for pan-fried and grilled seafood such as langoustine, lobster and scallops, which all get a pronounced sweetness when being exposed to direct high heat. There’s also quite a bit of umami in RØD reminiscent to charcuterie such as ham and dried sausages.

Therefore, RØD could also easily accompany a selection of different types of charcuterie and ham –  or you could add stuff like diced, pan-fried chorizo to a dish with langoustine in order to underline the sweet and meaty character of the tea. That said, RØD is a very refreshing Sparkling Tea that definitely also serves well as an aperitif or as a pairing for a light starter or a salad.

All in all, I am looking very much forward to a – hopefully – warm and sunny spring and summer season with plenty of occasions to pop a bottle of Sparkling Tea. If not, the Sparkling Teas will serve as the occasion itself.



Big thanks from the Sparkling Tea team to Rasmus Palsgård for the great article!

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  • Ingrid Barlebo-larsen says:

    Distributor / availability in the UK ?

  • Darly Corniel says:

    I discovered the Sparkling Tea while on vacation in Lake Placid during the Spring break. I’ve never heard of it but became very curious as soon as I saw the bottles at the store. Sadly I only bought one to “taste” it. That was a terrible mistake. The moment with open the Champagne like bottle and saw the elegant bubbles rise to the top, the delicate aroma and the magestic flavor, we were all in for it. It took us months to find a place to buy it again in NYC. And when I did, I bough four bottles, even though it’s a place nearby my office. This is an amazing drink. LOVE IT!!!

    • SparklingTea says:

      Thank you so much! It absolutely wonderful to hear about people’s positive experiences with our Sparkling Tea. Wish you a lovely day!

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