While it’s certainly festive to let the cork pop with a loud bang, it’s not necessarily the best way to open a bottle of Sparkling Tea…

1. Make sure the bottle is chilled

Any bottle of sparkling wine or in this case tea should be properly chilled to around 5-7 degrees Celsius. If it is not cold enough, the pressure in the bottle will likely cause the cork to release very quickly. This is when you get a dangerous projectile and risk screaming “duck” as you wrench out the cork. This is not the aim, if possible, please limit the popping.

Tip: For a quick cool down of your bottle make an ice bath. use a mixture of 50 percent ice and 50 percent water. That liquid mixture means more of the surface area of the bottle is being cooled. If your guests are already coming through the door, you can add loads of salt to move the freezing point of the water and make the cooling even faster.

2. Use the designed tab to move the access foil in an elegant way

Once the foil is removed, the cage and corked are exposed and you may remove the cage carefully – while always keeping your thumb or your other hand on the cork in case it pops of by itself. You may use a napkin or a kitchen towel to put over the cage and cork, this creates another measure safety that can help prevent the cork from flying off like a bullet.

Tip: If the wine was in an ice bath, ensure the bottle is dried off so the bottle doesn’t sleep out of your hand.


3. Twist the bottle – not the cork
Once the cage is either loosened or removed, begin to extract the cork. Keep pressure on the cork while twisting the bottle. The best way to hold a bottle while the cork is being removed is in a 45-degree angle. This avoids the “popping” from being too loud and the tea from exploding out of the bottle as the cork is removed.

Tip: If you twist the cork, instead of the bottle, the cork can break inside the bottle.

4. Once the cork starts to loosen
Begin to slowly pull off the cork. Do this until the pressure from inside the bottle naturally begins to push out the cork.
Once you feel the cork begin to move on its own, push against the cork gentle to keep it from releasing too quickly. When the pressure from the bottle is driving the cork, you can control when you want to cork to release.

Tip: The slower the cork separates itself from the bottle, the gentler the hiss that will occur. People are always wowed when a bottle of sparkling wine or tea is opened with barely a blip—aim for that.


5. Serve your Copenhagen Sparkling Tea
Copenhagen Sparkling Tea can be served in a wide range of wine glasses. If you use it for a festive aperitif, they are all best served in a champagne glass. If Sparkling Tea is used for food pairings, they are performing very well in white wine glasses, as this allows for more aromas to be experienced on both the nose and palette.


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