Chefs and experts in the field of gastronomy have over the years taken notice of the unique qualities of Sparkling Tea. They have proven its great potential through various creative ways of including it on their menu – as low/non-alcoholic alternatives, as a way to complement their food or as innovative and exciting inputs to the overall dining experience.

This has been the vision of Copenhagen Sparkling Tea founder, Jacob Kocemba, since the very beginning. He wanted to create a range of Sparkling Teas that not only suit, but also elevate gastronomic occasions and pairings, satisfying a range of tastes, and leaving the guests with memorable experiences. The past year with covid-19, has sadly been especially tough on the restaurants and bars, and we are now more than ever craving these remarkable dining experiences. Nevertheless, brighter times are ahead of us, with the re-opening of restaurants and the possibility of enjoying a good glass of Sparkling Tea, alongside incredible and flavorful dishes.

To inspire you, we have selected three fantastic restaurants located in our hometown, Copenhagen, where you can be sure to find a vibrant atmosphere, enjoy a wonderful meal and our Sparkling Tea on the drinks menu.

1. Geranium – The Sophisticated Non-Alcoholic Alternative

Geranium is one of Denmark’s most acclaimed restaurants, and the very first in the country to receive 3 Michelin stars back in 2016, which they have succeeded in keeping ever since. At Geranium they have a very dynamic approach to creating gastronomic masterpieces and enticing taste combinations. The prime focus is on making each and every dish extraordinary and unique in its own way. Geranium is, therefore, the place to visit if you are looking to embark on an enchanting gourmet dining experience, as they create mesmerizing dishes that engage all senses. 

At Geranium they serve Sparkling Tea BLÅ and LYSERØD as non-alcoholic alternatives to wine to avoid any kind of compromise with taste and flavour.

“We want all our guests, who don’t desire alcohol to have an equally luxurious drinking experience as all our other guests. For example the tea blend of BLÅ gives sweet notes of flowers and a hint of tannins. The perfect aperitif!” – Mikael Båth, Restaurant Manager at Geranium.

You can read more about Geranium and the restaurant’s menu and dishes on their website.

2. Sticks ‘n’ SushiTea and Sushi 

Sticks ’n’ Sushi has become a well-respected restaurant chain both in and outside of Denmark due to the high level of taste and quality showcased in every dish created. Finding the perfect wine pairing for the Asian kitchen, and especially sushi can be a difficult task, which is why beer is often regarded as the preferred beverage pairing.

As an alternative, Sticks ‘n’ Sushi has added Sparkling Tea GRØN to its menu, which with its refreshing and mineral taste ties in beautifully with culinary delights from the Japanese cuisine. 

The slight sweetness of GRØN works really well with the rice, while the crisp acidity balances out the fatness in the fish. Furthermore, the slight hint of umami extracted from the green teas harmonises beautifully with sushi. For many reasons Sparkling Tea GRØN, therefore complements and fulfills this dining experience perfectly. 

You can read more about the different quality dishes Sticks ‘n’ Sushi has to offer on their website.

3. À Terre – Cosy French Dining and Tasteful Wine Alternatives

À terre is a modern French restaurant located in the heart of Copenhagen near the Royal Danish Theatre. The experienced chef-owner of this lovely restaurant has strong links to France and this, therefore, forms the basis of à terres delicious menu. The restaurant specializes in creating exquisite and flavorful dishes based on high quality and good produce. It stands out by employing a different spin on French cuisine by fusing unique ingrediens and tasteful combinations from the Asian and North African kitchen. At à terre, they aspire to create a memorable and personal French dining experience.

Sparkling Tea BLÅ and GRØN are on the list of wine alternatives, which is as carefully put together as every other aspect of their menu, each of them complementing different tasteful dishes.

“At à terre, we use BLÅ as an excellent non-alcoholic alternative to champagne. Our guests get excited about its freshness and complexity. We also use GRØN for the courses where an Asian twist is applied. It lifts the dishes, compliments the nuances and balances out the heavy flavours” – Yves Le Hay, Head Chef at à terre.     

You can read more about à terre and the restaurant’s menu on their website.            

And the List Goes On…

When the food, the drinks and the setting perfectly complement each other, that is when the real magic transpires. This is one of the many reasons, why we are honoured to be part of the dining experience at many fantastic and remarkable restaurants across Denmark and around the world. We continually strive to create new and complex taste experiences, that lead to new ways of enjoying life. Whether the dish is sweet or salty, hot or cold, we offer a Sparkling Tea that complements your dining experience.

If you are intrigued to learn more about restaurants near you serving Sparkling Tea and have a desire to try it yourself, you can use the Finder  on our website to locate Sparkling Tea restaurants close to you. Or, should you have gastronomical aspirations yourself, then use the Finder  to locate your nearest Sparkling Tea retailer and experiment with new flavorful pairings in the comfort of your own home.

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