Sparkling Tea VINTER

`The cozy taste of Winter´

The idea behind VINTER was to create a unique taste, that fits the cold months and the many festive and cozy traditions of Winter. It starts with warm aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, clove and raisins as a result of the Chai tea. These spicy characteristics are also found in the taste, where they are joined by discrete notes of bergamot oil from the Earl Grey tea. This results in a smooth, elegant and round experience, with an intense finish, and balanced by hints of citrus.

VINTER is perfect as an aperitif during Winter and paired with sweets and desserts. It, alternatively, pairs well with a salty cheese platter or more oriental dishes.

Vegan friendly & Organic. Alcoholic content 5% vol. Sugar content 60g/l. Pressure 5.5 bars. Content volume 75cl. Shelf life 2 yrs from production. Contains sulphites.