The Product

 Our Sparkling Teas are based on a blend of high quality organic teas, from the delicate white teas to the more intense and full-bodied black teas. A bottle of Sparkling Tea contains of up to 13 different tea sorts, which creates the nuanced and complex taste.

Each version of Sparkling Tea has its very own unique character…

Sparkling Tea LYSERØD

lyserød (0% alc)

‘Sparkling rosé without percentages’

The perfect alcohol-free alternative to a rosé. LYSERØD is the driest version of Sparkling Tea, yet still smooth and round in taste. You will experience intense aromas of red berries and red apples. A complex and comfortably dry taste follows, thanks to the Oolong tea, combined with hints of blackberries and Hibiscus. It’s all balanced by the smooth Silver Needle white tea and finished with light bitter fruity notes.


BLÅ (0% alc)


It starts with delicate aromas of Jasmine, chamomile and a hint of citrus. This is followed by a round taste from the careful selection of white teas and accompanied by good complexity and depth from the green teas. It ends in a long finish joined by comfortable tannins created by the Darjeeling First Flush.


GRØN (5% alc)


Sparkling Tea GRØN has clear aromas of lemongrass and citrus. The fresh characteristics are also significant in the taste, where they are joined by notes of green apples and a hint of ginger. This creates a mineral and crisp experience, which ends in a balanced bittersweet finish.


RØD (5% alc)


Our version of a sparkling rosé. The taste of RØD has immediate notes of red berries, Hibiscus, blackberries and a balanced citrus. This is followed by a light bitterness from the bergamot oil found in our Lady Grey and Earl Grey teas. The finish is semi-dry, which harmonizes beautifully with the initial berry notes.


VINTER (5% alc)


The idea behind VINTER was to create a unique taste, that fits the cold months and the many festive and cozy traditions of Winter. It starts with warm aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, clove and raisins as a result of the Chai tea. These spicy characteristics are also found in the taste, where they are joined by discrete notes of bergamot oil from the Earl Grey tea. This results in a smooth, elegant and round experience, with an intense finish, and balanced by hints of citrus.