The Process

There is no easy way when it comes to producing Sparkling Tea. The process is complex and therefore needs care and precision. The nuanced and long taste of Sparkling Tea comes down to the fine adjustment of 3 key elements: the selection of teas, the time intervals and the temperature.

A bottle of Sparkling Tea can contain up to 13 different teas, where every tea is brewed under different temperatures and time intervals to extract the perfect flavour. If the leaves are left soaking just minutes too long or the temperature is just slightly wrong, it will impact the whole batch. Needless to say, the entire process is made by hand, based on craftsmanship and a high-level of skill and expertise.

To ensure extraction of the perfect flavours from the teas, leaves are left soaking in first hot then cold water for an extensive period of time. Whereafter, a base of either white wine or grape juice is added, plus a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice to balance the taste and give a vinous expression. After bottling they are left for some months, where the tastes gather and become more well rounded.