The Process

There are no short-cuts when it comes to producing Sparkling Tea. The process is complex and therefore needs care and precision. It starts with the careful selection of teas and ends with a bottle of tasteful Sparkling Tea, ready for your enjoyment.

The Selection

Our Sparkling Teas are made of a blend of up to 13 different teas – organic, of course – in a combination of black, green, white and oolong teas. We only use the highest quality teas from the best producers around the world, including the exclusive First Flush Darjeeling and Silver Needle tea. It is this high level of quality tea that creates the balanced and nuanced taste in every bottle of Sparkling Tea.


Jacob Kocemba, the sommelier behind Sparkling Tea, hand-brews all our tea, since precision and craftmanship are key to creating the right taste and feel. Both the temperature of the tea and the time intervals are essential for extracting just the right taste. Each tea is therefore handled differently, and we only produce in small batches to ensure no detail is overlooked.


The tea blends are bottled with a dash of white wine or grape must as natural sweetness and to complement and enhance the flavors of the teas. We also add other natural aromas, like lemon juice, to hit just the right notes. There are no artificial additives in our Sparkling Tea, and we take great pride in that.


The process ends at your enjoyment of a chilled glass of Sparkling Tea, best served at around 5 degrees in a champagne glass. Cheers!