Sparkling Tea is a new beverage category made from high-quality and organic teas, combined in a blend to create complex no and low alcohol sparkling drinks. Every day, we strive to provide you with incredible taste experiences to enrich any gourmet or festive occasion.

How is it made?

A bottle of Sparkling Tea is based on a blend of up to 13 of the finest organic teas available. The teas have been selected with great care and hand-brewed by Jacob Kocemba at just the right temperatures and time intervals. It is a labor of love, as much as it is one of precision.

The Different Blends

We currently offer 2 non-alcoholic Sparkling Teas – BLÅ and LYSERØD – and 3 low-alcohol ones (5% vol) – RØD, GRØN and VINTER, each with its very own unique taste.

Our Goal

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company is built on a passion for tea, good food and enjoying life. We want to share this passion with the world, which is why we work towards the following goal every single day:
To create the best low and no alcohol sparkling beverages in the world.

Because we believe, everyone deserves a good glass of bubbles!