•2cl Abricot Brandy
•3cl Olorosso Sherry
•10cl Sparkling Tea VINTER


”You probably connect Sherry to your grandmother, but when the crisp salinity and raisin sweetness is combined with VINTER’s spices, you are left with a quite classy long-drink –fresh, fruity and sober.”


Created by Christian Tang – Drinks connoisseur & Owner of Kyros&Co.



•3cl Empirical Spirits, Fallen Pony Blend
•1.5cl Empirical Spirits, Helena
•1cl Amaro Mondino (in case of absence use another Italian Bitter)
•0.5cl Sugar Syrup
•0.5cl Tartaric Acid (or use 2cl Lemon Juice)
•6.5cl-7cl Sparkling Tea VINTER


”So someone decided to distill kombucha & mix it with a barley distillate. We decided to mix it with Sparkling tea. Sotea spirit meets the delicate yet, spicy warm tones of VINTER to create something that can stand it’s test with spicy foods, yet still be drunk on its own as an aperitif.”


Created by Christian Tang – Drinks connoisseur & Owner of Kyros&Co.



•Sparkling Tea VINTER
•Homemade Lavender Syrup
•Smoked Bitter
•Apple Juice
•Lemon Juice


”For this cocktail I made Lavender Syrup, Lavender from my home garden, which goes perfectly and balancing the other flavors of VINTER. I also used apple juice and Yuzu “my favorite fruit” to give some summer refreshing aroma and taste and used smoked bitter too. Garnished with Lavender flower, Jasminum sambac and fresh Nasturtiums.”


Created by Micky Thakur – Food & Drinks Stylist and Instagram influencer @Veermasterberlin




•4cl VeritasRum
•2,5cl Milky Oolong Cordial
•5cl Sparkling Tea VINTER


When the ripe fruits of the Veritasrum are combined with the milky character of the Oolong tea and the warm spices of VINTER, you get exactly that feeling which makes winter so special; the feeling of nearness.



Created by Christian Tang – Drinks coinnessuer & Owner of Kyros&Co.

Last but not least!


Created by the talented, who clearly understands the hygge and warmth put into a bottle of VINTER!

Wanna make your own? Here you go!⁠

3 cl Gin⁠
2 cl Rose liquer⁠
1 cl Supasawa citrus⁠
2 Dashes Aromatisk bitters⁠
Topped with Sparkling Tea VINTER⁠

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