Rosé Season

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Enjoy the Rosé Season with a Bottle of Sparkling Tea

… because everyone deserves a glass of rosé.

Picture this: You’re sitting in the sun on a warm summer day. There’s a light breeze and you can hear the bustle of the city and the people around you, just a quiet hum in the background. Yes, it’s that time of year, the Rosé season has begun. And here is our guide to how you can enjoy it to the utmost.

First the drink: Sparkling Tea RØD or LYSERØD are perfect for relaxing on a warm summer day. The comfortably dry and crisp taste and the delicate bubbles and notes of berries will keep you refreshed in the heat. RØD also has the added benefit of being low-alcoholic (5% vol), while LYSERØD is completely alcohol-free. Which means, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful taste of the Rosé season – and always with space enough for an extra glass, which the summer sometimes calls for!

Now that you have the perfect summer drink in mind, we’d like to share some of our favorite summer Rosé spots in Copenhagen with you…


Torvehallerne consists of two beautiful glass halls located in the center of Copenhagen, packed with everything from fresh fish, meat, local vegetables, delicacies, wines and of course Sparkling Tea. Surrounding the food halls are tables and benches, and once the sun comes out, they are packed with people enjoying their food, drinks, and the great mood. This is a place that revolves around the enjoyment of life through food and drinks. So get your bottle of LYSERØD or RØD at VinVeto and your oysters from the fish shop, grab a seat in the sun and enjoy the feeling of everything beautifully coming together!

Ofelia Plads

Ofelia Plads is a beautiful wooden platform, a built-in extension of the harbor, right in the city center. It’s overlooking the canal, the Opera and Amalienborg Palace, and located close to the old picturesque Nyhavn. At Ofelia Plads, there’s space for anyone at any time of the day. With the pavilions, small stages for various entertainment, and the “Kissing Staircase” leading down to the water, this is the perfect spot to bring a bottle of Sparkling Tea, lay back and relax.

On the GoBoats – Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is another spot with a scenic view of the water. It’s a lovely place for sitting at the quayside, enjoying a glass or two. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can rent a GoBoat and enjoy your drinks on board, while exploring the beautiful canals of Copenhagen. This way you get to see Copenhagen from a whole new angle. The low or no alcohol percentages of Sparkling Tea might be a smart choice here, to make it slightly easier to find your way back to the harbor.

You can drop by Ludvig Bjørn’s Vinhandel, just on the other side of Langebro, and get a bottle of LYSERØD on the way.

Bonus: The Copenhagen Rosé Festival

If you happen to be in Copenhagen on Saturday the 30th or Sunday the 31st of May, we highly recommend attending the Copenhagen Rosé Festival. As the name suggests, it’s a festival that celebrates Rosé wine. For the past 3 years, though, you’ve also been able to enjoy and get our Sparkling Tea RØD. It took a little convincing in the beginning, to get the organizers of the festival to include Sparkling Tea at a wine festival. But after the huge success it was the first year, there was no question of whether we would be attending again. RØD turned out to be a great hit among the guests, and we look forward to introducing them all to LYSERØD this year.

There are many more wonderful places to relax around Copenhagen, but for us, these are some of the top spots. With a glass of Sparkling Tea RØD or LYSERØD, good company and a little bit of sunshine, the summer can’t get much better.

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