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The Copenhagen Sparkling Tea family has gotten a new member. Enjoy its dry and delicate taste completely without alcohol.

With LYSERØD we’ve created a highly unique taste experience and the driest Sparkling Tea to date. Something which many of our close and loyal customers and restaurants have requested for some time.

In addition to the dry character, LYSERØD has a nice and soft mouthfeel, thanks to the exclusive white Silver Needle tea, and with the use of two different types of Oolong tea, a high complexity is developed. The taste is rounded off with discreet notes of fruit from the Hibiscus flower and First Flush Darjeeling tea.


LYSERØD is great as an aperitif, and thanks to the unique taste, it really calls for some thrilling food pairings. Making it suitable throughout all phases of a meal. The dry character makes it especially good for light dishes within the savoury kitchen, such as fish and seafood, and exceptionally good with oysters.

Enjoy Sparkling Tea LYSERØD chilled and from a champagneglas. Cheers!